Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net: Pros and Cons

Why Take a Hammock Camping?

Hammocks are great accessories to bring on a camping trip because they are so compact and easy to set up. Whether you want to sleep in a camping hammock at night, read a book in one or take an afternoon nap, you will find that you use it a lot after you have it set up.


That is… unless you are getting eaten alive by bugs. If you’ve done much camping, you know what I’m talking about. Bugs can really ruin an otherwise wonderful camping trip, and if you are camping near a river, stream or lake – be especially ready for them. If you are laying around in a hammock, you will be prime bait.

The Simple Solution:

Fortunately there are camping hammocks with mosquito netting. Now you can relax in peace.

Some summer nights, the temperature is just too hot to sleep in your car. Camping hammocks come in handy here. And what is the point of going camping if you can’t spend time outdoors anyway?

camping hammock with mosquito netSo I found this really cool hammock with bug net called No-See-Um-No-More by Hammock Bliss. Not only does it keep mosquitoes out, the netting is so fine that it also keeps out sandflies, fleas, gnats and no-see-ums.

It’s actually like an “airborne tent”¬†because it comes with interior storage pockets and utility hoops. You can keep all of your stuff organized and easily within reach when you need it. This is a good spot for a headlamp

Now, in a case where there are no bugs, you can simply flip over the hammock and use it as a regular hammock. Really easy.

The Downside

The downside to a camping hammock with a net is that it costs more that a regular hammock without one. Obviously. You can get a super cheap one for under $20 vs this one at about $80.

That said, when you look at the benefits it offers (ie. above ground sleeping, extra sleeping space, hammock that doubles as a tent and no bug bites all over your face when you wake up…), $80 doesn’t sound like a lot to spend. ¬†In fact, people spend upwards of $200 specifically on camping hammock tents. The No-See-Um-No-More is much easier to set up, take down, it weighs less, takes up less cargo space and costs less money. Hmmm.

However, it really comes down to YOUR needs – will the features benefit YOU? If not, and you don’t plan to use a hammock that often, you may want to go for something cheaper like the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock.


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