Streamlight Enduro Headlamp & Camping Headlamps

…and How to Find a Good Headlamp for Car Camping

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Headlamps are a great accessory for campers, as they give you hand-free lighting at night. So convenient, they are often used instead of flashlights.

When shopping for headlamps, brighter is generally better, and LED lights tend to last longer than other lamps. The Streamlight Enduro has two different brightness settings, and you can tilt it in the direction you need the light.

You strap the elastic band around your head, but you can also use it over a hat. It also comes with a light clip that you can attach to your hat, clothing, tent, furniture, vehicle, etc.. The light is very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. I even have used mine around the house and yard at home.

The Streamlight Enduro Headlamp keeps shining for up to 24 hours and is powered by 3 AAA Alkaline batteries, so bring extra batteries if you think you’ll need them (or even if you don’t).

Streamlight Enduro Headlamp


What to Look for When Shopping for Headlamps

I’m sure everyone has their own opinions when it comes to the “Best Headlamp”, but most people will probably agree that a good headlamp (1) is durable and lasts a long time (2) projects a good amount of light (3) is easy and convenient to use (4) doesn’t cost a lot of money.

For these reasons, I tend to look for headlamps that include multiple LED light bulbs or at leas 20 lumens and an adjustable light and head strap. Depending on how often you plan to use your headlamp and what you will use it for, you may want to get a higher-powered light that has 7 LED bulbs or between 75-90 lumens.

I also look for a headlamp with a re-chargeable battery (or one that uses standard AA or AAA batteries that I can switch out for rechargeable ones). This is actually not hard to come by these days – you just need to decide which one you like best.

Besides comparing prices, it is also good to look at additional features that might be beneficial for your particular use, such as a lamp with an adjustable brightness level.


Best LED Headlamps

Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp with Strap
This guy has 7 ultra-bright LEDs, has a tilt mechanism and 3 levels of lighting for all of your headlamp lighting needs =). 50 Lumen.


LED Lenser 880044 H14 LED Headlamp, Blue/Black
If you bike, you’ll like this one It comes with a universal fastener that you can attach to your bike. It also touts an “Advanced Focus System” that lets you adjust your light beam. 200 Lumen Max.


300 Lumen Forehead Bonfire
Zoom lens, 3-Mode UltraBright Cree LED Headlamp and uses AAA batteries. Weatherproof and 300 max lumens. Pretty darned bright. Even paramedics and firefighters like it!


Pelican 2720 LED Headlamp with Gesture Activation Control
Just wave your hand around and this one turns on. No, seriously. It’s motion-activated. And it’s called a Pelican. 80 lumens.


Different Uses for LED Headlamps

An LED Headlamp is useful for more than just camping trips. They are very handy for night-time hikes, bike rides and even kayaking.

But beyond outdoor recreation, a headlamp can be used instead of a flashlight for night-time tasks around your house or yard. Their hands-free advantage makes them ideal for jobs like working on the car.

You can also use them for reading in a dark room so that you don’t disturb others. They are safer than candles if the power goes out, and kids have a blast playing with them. The list goes on and on.

I actually didn’t know how much I would use one until I purchased one for camping – and then I started using it for everything else as well. Below are some of the best LED headlamps rated by consumers.


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