Heated Travel Blanket for Car Camping

Some nights can feel cold if you camp outdoors. However, when you go car camping, you can take a heated travel blanket and stay comfortably warm!

Heated Travel Blanket: How to Stay Warm While Car Camping

Of course, vehicles typically have 12 volt outlets, whereas tent don’t. Plus, they provide a little more insulation from wind and rain. Therefore, as long as they provide enough sleeping area, they can often make a more comfortable bed than the ground.

A good night’s sleep not only impacts the way you feel in the morning. It also can affect your energy on that hike, bike ride or kayak trip you have planned for the next day.

Electric camping blanket with 12V plugFor this reason, I like to put my money on car camping gear that will help me sleep better. And, an electric blanket on cold nights is one of them. Actually, I never even knew these camping blankets existed until I found them online!

Adding small creature comforts at night to help you sleep better, like warm blankets or air pads are well worth the money spent.

The nights can get cold when you’re camping, even if you don’t travel in freezing temperatures. A heated blanket makes sleeping more comfortable, but you don’t need to be sleeping to use it. =)

Heated blankets are a small price to pay for a large amount of comfort they provide, especially if you plan to camp regularly. It plugs directly into the lighter socket in your car and has a 8-foot power cord, so you can easily move the blanket where needed.

Heated Camping Blankets are Energy and Space Efficient

It doesn’t draw much energy. Therefore, you can sleep knowing it won’t drain your car engine battery. Plus, it folds up and doesn’t take up much space when not in use.

Heated Camping Blanket Plugs Right into Your Car

Drawbacks to Electric Blankets for Camping

Keep in mind that this is not the same as your standard electric blanket that you might use home. Since it powers off your car’s battery, it draws less energy. Therefore, it can take longer to heat up and not give off as much warmth.

Check out the red plaid heated blanket with timer function.


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