Sleeping Bags for Car Camping

Warm, Easy and Lightweight Sleeping Bags for Car Camping Trips

When sleeping in their cars, some people just bring the blankets and comforters of their everyday beds. However, these items can take up a lot of space and take more time to set up than a lightweight compact sleeping bag.

Furthermore, there are sleeping bags designed for cold weather temperature, so  you will stay warmer and more comfortable without having the need to pack all those layers.

In my opinion, sleeping bags can be super comfortable. I like my Coleman sleeping bag so much that I take it with me when I visit friends. Whether I use it to sleep on a sofa, the floor or on top of a guest bed, I think the comfort and familiarity of it helps me sleep better.

They are also small enough that you can just stick them in a washing machine, and they dry quickly when you hang dry them (assuming it’s not a damp environment).

Below are some top rate sleeping bags.

Ultra-Compactable Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Rated by customers 4.5 star rating

This super small and lightweight (2.9lbs) sleeping bag is designed for size and weight conscious hikers, but can come in very handy for car campers who are short on space. If you are hiking, you can easily fit it in your hiking pack.

Although lightweight, the Suisse Sport Adventure Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag still provides plenty of warmth for spring, summer and fall camping trips, with materials that ad up to a 30-degree F temperature rating. And you can throw it in the washing machine.

About $40.


Coleman Sleeping Bag – Cool Weather

Rated by customers 5 star rating

The Coleman White Water Scoop Sleeping Bag is great for cool-weather camping with 4lbs of ColeTherm insulation. The sleeping bag is on the large side, so it can fit most big and tall people.

The unique scoop shape makes a comfortable headrest, keeping your head and pillow off the ground. ComfortSmart technology helps keep heat from escaping through the sleeping bag zipper.

About $45


Easy Self-Inflating Air Pad for Extra Comfort

Rated by customers 4.5 star rating

Whether you are sleeping in a tent or in the back of your truck, getting a good night’s sleep while car camping takes some getting used to. A large air mattress is cumbersome and takes up space, but the ground can get cold and difficult to sleep on – and can ruin a vacation.

Lightweight sleeping pads are comfortable and take up very little space. They are easy to transport and take seconds to set up (and break down). The self-inflating type is the way to go – once you try one, you’ll never go back.

The air pads are durable and can last a long time, and are well worth the money spent for the number of times you can use them. A repair patch kit comes standard with many air pads / sleeping pads just in case you need it.

The ALPS Mountaineering Self-Inflating Air Pad is weighs less than other sleeping pads because it is considered a “short air pad”, being only 4 feet in length. This makes it a great pad for those who plan on hiking with their sleeping pads or or need lightweight gear that doesn’t take up much space.

More Sources for Sleeping Pads:

  • Raised Queen Airbed w/ Built-in Electric Pump
    OK, this will probably be too big if you’re sleeping in your car, but it’s a hot seller for those who want a little more luxury while sleeping in a tent. You definitely won’t feel like you’re sleeping on the ground, and you won’t have to purchase a separate pump.


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