Portable Shower Head – Battery-Operated for Camping

We’ve talked about a sun shower before, but what if you can heat water over a stove and simply need a shower head that can pump out water?

Introducing the Battery-Operated Portable Head

The Ivation Shower Head only needs to be charged up and given a water source – like a 5-gallon bucket full of water.

Stick one end in the bucket of water and hand the shower head from the nearest tree branch and turn on your shower. If you need a warmer shower, you can just heat some water on your camping stove and add it to the bucket. It’s as easy as that.

Why You Might Like it Better than a Sun Shower…

(1)Unlike a sun shower, you don’t need to wait all day for the water to warm up.

portable camping shower head(2) You also don’t need to settle for a small spigot that does not have much water pressure. Although this is not your high-pressure shower that you get at home, it can give you a decent rinse.

(3) You also do not have to hang an entire bag of water, which can get heavy. All you need is a branch strong enough to hold the shower head itself.

(4) The hook included also means that you don’t have to hold the handle while you wash – showering hands-free is a lot easier! (But, if you’re like the woman in the picture, you don’t have to go hands-free if you don’t want to).

(5) It also has a water filtration system built right into it – and the battery is re-chargeable, so just plug it into your nearest USB port. Hello Glamping!

Other Things You Can Do with It:

Don’t feel that you can only use your portable shower head for camping. It’s great for home use as well – including baby baths or giving your dog a bath. It’s also a great gadget to have poolside. If you don’t have a hose nearby, you could even use it to wash your car.

With multiple functions, this gadget is super convenient to have while camping – or even around the house for when you need it.


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