Nite Ize Portable Light for Camping

Nite-Ize LED Area Light for Car CampingLighting is an important part of camping – both for safety and convenience. I am a big fan of headlamps because they allow users to do activities at night while moving around – and they have their hands free.

Lanterns are also another popular option due to the fact that many can distribute a significant amount of light. The can be placed on a table, hung inside a tent (if lightweight enough) or carried as a portable source of light.

However, what if you want something a little more versatile – and pay less money for it?

Introducing the Nite Ize Portable Light

Another cool lighting gadget is theĀ Nite Ize MoonLit area light, which essentially is a lightbulb connected to an 18-inch long bendable arm. This arm can be wrapped around lots of different stationary objects to point light where you night it (ie. a tree branch, tent frame or even the side-view mirror of your car. It’s small and lightweight, so it’s very versatile.

Different Ways You Can Use the Nite Ize Light

This portable camping lamp can also stamp on it’s own. The bendable arm can be shaped and twisted into a light stand and used as a table lamp for meals, reading maps or doing other tasks at night where you would need light. It uses an LED bulb, so it lasts a long time without using lots of energy. It is also quite bright for it’s small size – you can read a book with small print, for example.

But the usability doesn’t stop there. You can attach the Nite Ize to a backpack for nightie hiking or a bike for increased visibility. The light has a flash mode in addition to the standard continuous light. This is ideal if you want to be seen by other people or vehicles.

The light is encased in a durable rubber exterior and it is weather proof, so you don’t have to constantly worry if your your light source will go out on you. It also has UV protection, just in case you happen to leave it out in the sun for a long time.

Ideal for Car Camping

For car camping, two of the best things about the Nite Ize is that it is super compact and really cheap. If you are camping in your car, this is the perfect lighting option because you can secure it up and out of the way if you want to read at night, etc.. You don’t have to run down the battery on your car by leaving the vehicle lights on.

You can have one light for each person, or several designated to certain areas of your campsite or car. Unlike lanterns, you can bring 5 or 10 Nite Ize on your vacation without taking up space in your travel bag.

They Go Beyond Camping Trips

Another thing I want to mention is that once you get home from your camping trip, you can still use this portable lamp without being out in the the wilderness. They work great as emergency lights if your power goes out. As I pointed out above, you can attach it to your bike if you happen to be riding around at night.

They can make great temporary lighting for backyard entertaining, walkways or sheds where you might want light infrequently and don’t want to pay the cost to install a regular light. Check out this video below to find out more:

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