Coleman Rechargeable Lantern

The Best Camping Lantern Ever is from Coleman

Camping lanterns are kind of a no brainer. It’s nice to have a light if we need it, and it lets us stay up later to play games, read, etc.. It can also deter animals or help us navigate the campsite if we wake up  in the middle of the night.

Having a camping lantern on your trip is not only a nice convenience, it can also help you avoid night time accidents. The additional light can help you see where things are or see where you’re going so you don’t trip and fall or run into something and hurt yourself.

Of course, re-chargeable lanterns are ideal if you have your vehicle nearby, because you can re-charge them when necessary. This way you don’t have to pack extra batteries just in case.

Coleman Rechargeable Lantern – Go Car Camping and Leave the Batteries at Home

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Forget spending more on batteries than you did on your lantern – the Coleman Rechargeable Lantern gives up to nine hours of light on a single charge.

You can, of course, charge your lantern at home, but the lantern can also be re-charged while you are camping – from the lighter socket in your car. The cord is included to recharge in a 12-volt DC power port. (Another nice feature is the built-in nightlight).

Product Features:

  • Rechargeable camping lantern with 11-watt fluorescent spiral U-tube bulb
  • Reflector directs light upward and outward so more people can see it
  • Charges via 120-volt AC outlet or vehicle’s 12-volt DC power port
  • “Emergency on” circuit helps overcome power failures; built-in nightlight
  • 12-volt DC adaptor is conveniently stored in the base of the lantern


More Sources for Camping Lanterns:

  • Sportsman Xtreme 300-Lumen LED Lantern
    This popular lantern gives 72 hours runtime on high, 150 runtime on low, and the 4-watt LED bulb will last you 100,000 hours. Easy-to-handle with rubber grips, tactical switches and water resistant surface. Also has strobe function.


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