The Best Laptop Charger for Car Camping?

A Great Laptop Charger for Your Car – for Camping of Course…

Woman with a laptop outdoors

These days, it’s hard to get away from computers. We may want to escape to the wilderness for a camping retreat, but we may still need to work or business projects or stay in touch with people at the office.

But Really… Do We Really Need a Car Charger?

However, even if we are not working, there are plenty of other reasons why we might to recharge our electronic devices. For instance, let’s say you want to watch a movie at night on your laptop, or you want to download nature photos from your camera to your computer.

Or maybe you need to power up a music player or your kids brought their iPads to occasionally play games or you brought books to read… on your Kindle.

The point is, most likely you will have at least one electronic device on your trip that will need re-charging. And, the time you will need power most is when you didn’t bring a laptop charger with you.

The Cost:

These versatile devices are so inexpensive (you can get one for about $25) that it doesn’t make sense not to have one. The fact of the matter is that we are using more and more devices that are electronic and need re-charging.

Besides, we can use them in our car even when we’re not camping. It’s actually a great emergency option if your power goes out at home for an extended period of time…

This is Nothing New…

Bestek Dual Car Charger

Anyway, I discovered a handy car charger from Bestek that converts 12-volt DC power from the vehicle battery to 120-volt AC power that you would typically have at home. Like other similar products, it contains 2 3-prong power outlets just like you would use to plug your computer into the wall at home.

But This is What I like About It:

However, in addition to the 2 power outlets, the Bestek also has 2 USB outlets, so you can charge all sorts of other devices – and at the same time. If you’ve got a family of 4 (or more), you know nobody wants to wait their turn.

It also has other features that you might not even think about, but actually are critical. Like the built-in cooling fan and fuse. It will automatically shut down to prevent your devices and car from overheating or short-circuiting (excuse my use of made-up words).

Get the Bestek Dual Inverter/Car Adapter


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