Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill Review

The Pros and Cons of the Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill

Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill

In my opinion, the Party Grill is a great addition to anyone’s collection of camping gear. Mine has gotten plenty of use – and much of it has actually happened when I’m not even camping!

Why I Bought It

I initially got this miniature barbecue because of its size – seriously, it fits in a small bag that you can carry. You can take the legs off in 2 seconds and the grill flattens out to about the size of a wok. I wanted something that wouldn’t take up a lot of space, since I wouldn’t need to cook a lot of food at one time anyway.

What Happened After I Used It

What I soon realized was that it was super easy to set up, take apart and clean. Without even really thinking about it, I ended up using more often – tailgaters, picnics and even by myself in the backyard.

Set it up on any picnic table or bench, and it’s conveniently within reach. I’ve used it plenty of times on the ground too. Just don’t forget it’s there and trip over it.

I have to admit, I don’t carry around the grill in the bag that is included. The carrying/storage bag is great and all, but I actually really like the box that the grill came in. It says “Party Grill” in big letters, and I like getting together with friends and showing them I’m ready to party. OK, I’m a little weird.

Coleman Roadtrip Party GrillWhat the Party Grill is Really Handy For

Besides being super convenient and easy, I really like this mini bbq because it fits a large stew pot very easily. On a camping trip, I can cook a big pot of oatmeal, soup or even popcorn and feed a bunch of people – no problem.

The Obvious Drawback

It’s small. If you are using it for a family of four, this probably won’t do it for you. Get a bigger one.


It runs on propane gas, which is not included. You will need to buy a small tank which costs a few bucks. It screws on to the base of the cooker as shown in the picture.


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