Metal Skewers

marshmallow on a skewerMetal Skewers for Marshmallows, Hot Dogs and More

Nothing shouts “Campfire!” like a marshmallow on a skewer and some s’mores. These kitchen utensils are so simple, yet so fun – it doesn’t make sense to not bring them.

You have a few choices when it comes to camping skewers – you can of course use a stick off the ground, get inexpensive metal skewers that are easy to wash and re-use, or get skewers that multi-task (with non-metal handles so you don’t burn your hands…).

Personally, I’ve found that having good metal bbq skewers gets me to barbecue more often (and for someone who doesn’t cook much, it’s a helpful tool for impressing the guests!) I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of my skewers. Sometimes they even double as a household tool (Did I just say that?).

Rome’s Metal Skewer Set

Rated by customers 5 star rating

What’s a camping trip without a cookout over a campfire? Kids love this stuff.

With this metal skewer set, you can cook virtually anything – with ease. You don’t have to worry about too few skewers, skewers that are too short or skewers that you can’t hold because they get too hot.

This set includes four 22-inch picnic forks, two 33-inch hot dog forks, two extension forks (up to 32 inches long) and one hot dog roaster. Quality, chrome-plated steel construction.

Metal Skewers for Marshmallows, Hot Dogs and More (Save 33%)


Metal BBQ Skewers

Rated by customers 4 star rating

If you just want basic, cheap skewers, this set of six reusable, nonstick coated metal kabob skewers can do the job. Use for cooking food on the grill at home or over the campfire.

These skewers are flat so food stays in place, while the non-stick coating makes food easier to remove and the skewers quick to clean up.

Metal BBQ Skewers


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