A Portable Oven for Car Camping?


Yes, this mini portable oven will cook your meal.

This is genius! Not only for the convenience factor and being able to take an “oven” on the road with you – but what if you don’t happen to have a BBQ nearby? This is a great alternative for heating and cooking food: just plug it in to your car’s DC outlet!

Of course, you don’t even have to be camping to use this portable oven. Take it on road trips, to the office or anywhere else you are traveling where you want to cook a hot meal. It cooks evenly, and clean-up is a snap. Some might even call this a necessity for people who go “glamping”.

See how it works:

The HotLogic Mini is a pretty cool device. It has a reflective and well-insulated cooking interior, which enables it to efficiently cook your meals while using less energy than a microwave!

You also don’t have to hover over the stove waiting for your meal to cook. It’s smart that way. Place your food in the tote and then go about doing other stuff – like pitching your tent, setting up your campsite or simply watching the subset with an ice cold beer.

It’s like that “set-it-and-forget-it” gadget on TV – it cooks your food perfectly each time without overcooking or drying stuff out. People who don’t enjoy cooking (or clean-up) but wouldn’t mind a hot meal while camping will love the HotLogic Mini.

Use it as a slow-cooker, to reheat leftovers or to cook frozen items. It’s so versatile, easy and cheap to use that busy people use it routinely in their homes to prepare meals hours in advance.

BESTEK 75w Power Inverter

The one thing you will need if you plan to use this portable oven while car camping is a power adapter. It you don’t already have one, you can get one for less than $20. The adapter can also be used to power lots of other units, like laptop computers, small appliances and electronics.

This adapter converts 12-volt DC power from a vehicle battery to 120-volt AC power. Simply plug the inverter into your vehicle’s DC outlet and connect your device to the inverter’s AC outlet or USB port.


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