Portable Solar Chargers for Car Camping

Portable solar chargers are becoming more and powerful, affordable and user-friendly. While many of us want to get away from the city or daily life – we don’t want to leave our gadgets at home.

Think about it – whether you need your cell phone to make or receive calls, you want to listen to your ipod, you have a gps unit that needs charging – or some other mobile device, it’s a good idea to have a charging station handy. We need a simple way to keep some or all of these items powered, and these portable solar panels can do just that – even if they get wet!

The Joos Orange is small enough to be portable, yet big enough to provide adequate power – and durable so it will last a long time. However, it is not our only option.

Suntastics Portable Solar ChargerSuntastics makes a powerful solar charger that works fast. Hook it up to your tablet or Kindle even. In fact it can re-charge your phone or other gadget while you are still using it!

Suntastics also makes a larger unit that enables users to charge 2 devices at once, or simply re-charge larger gadgets what require more power.



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