Hand Warmers for Camping

The Cheap & Easy Way to Keep Your Hands Warm on Your Next Camping Trip

Zippo Hand Warmer

No! It’s not a lighter. The Zippo Hand Warmer is a reusable metal hand warmer that is small, thin and compact so that it easily fits into a pocket. It uses lighter fluid, which can be refilled, and the lighter fluid is virtually odorless (although some people with sensitive smell complain that they can smell a slight odor).

The unit stays warm for up to 12 hours. Since the warmer is made of metal, it can get hot, so it comes with a convenient carrying pouch. The refillable lighter fluid can be purchased from Zippo – but you can also buy this same chemical from other companies at competitive prices, so shop around.


HeatMax Hot Hands are one-time use disposable hand warmers that provide up to 10 hours of heat. 40 warmers come in this package and are activated only once they are exposed to air. If you are concerned about the lighter fluid contained in the Zippo hand warmer, this natural alternative is the way to go.

All Heatmax warmers are made of natural materials, including iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, and wood fiber. Once they are exposed to air, these materials react together to produce heat through an extremely fast oxidation (or rusting)



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