Coleman Camping Dishes & Utensils

Camping Dishes for People Who Want to Have Fun on Their Next Camping Trip

Something I really like about car camping is that you can have all your camping gear organized and ready to go when you are. Planning and packing for a trip becomes much less of a hassle, and you end up going camping more often.

A friend of mine actually gave me the idea to use a large plastic storage tub to store all my camping supplies so that I know where to find them when I need them. Besides dishes and other cookware, this also includes things I might forget, like napkins, tea and coffee packets, seasonings, soap, matches and other miscellaneous items

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You could pack up paper plates and plastic forks, but camping dishes are worth the money. Not only can use use them over and over again, they hold up with heavier or liquid items and hot surfaces.

I actually use mine at home as well. They are a great addition to a backyard barbecue because they are so durable and they don’t break. There’s just something about eating off camping dishes – it feels more like a cook-out.

This 4-person set works for camping, but also for picnics, tailgaters, outdoor concerts and as I mentioned, even in your back yard. The set includes four 10-inch dinner plates, four 10-ounce mugs, and four 6-inch bowls, 4 knives, 4 spoons, and 4 forks.

The red-speckled enamel dinnerware surface holds up to heavy use, and you can conveniently throw it in the dishwasher. Like most other Coleman gear, it comes with a compact carrying case, so you don’t need to figure out how to store it. Great deal for about $40. (Awesome as a gift too!)

Coleman Camping Dishes and Utensils



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