Camping Coffee Maker – Get Gourmet Coffee at the Campsite?

Do you drink coffee often? Then you know that waking up in the morning can be difficult with out it. For those of us coffee aficionados that fit into this category, we want the camping coffee maker!

Some people bring instant coffee packets on camping trips that you steep similar to tea. However, the taste does not compare. Believe a fellow coffee-drinker.

Bold Richard Instand Microground Coffee Packet for Car Camping TripsNote: Having said that, you can find a few instant coffee alternatives that actually taste pretty good. For instance, Double Joy Select makes a “microground” version that you can simply mix in hot water for a surprisingly rich, body taste.

Below, we list a few simple solutions to get you your morning caffeine fix. In fact they are cheap enough to pay for themselves in just a few camping trips.

As you probably already know, a good cup of coffee can set the tone for the day. It’s actually a cheap way to make a good camping experience great.

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Coleman Camping Coffee makerWith the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker, you can go camping and still have a great cup of morning coffee without the hassles of a drip filter or a french press. With easy set-up, easy clean up and delicious coffee, it’s hard to turn this one down.

This coffee maker is designed to work on op of your camp stove burner (ideally the Coleman 2- or 3-burner stove) and it can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. It takes approximately 10 minutes to brew an entire pot, and the coffee maker has similar features to those you would find on your home coffee maker.

Not only can you use it for coffee. In addition, you can use it at night for tea or hot chocolate. =)

Coleman Coffee Percolator

Coleman Coffee Percolator for Car Camping TripsIf you prefer a coffee percolator, Coleman’s “Enamelware Percolator” makes a full 14-cups of coffee!

Unlike many cheaper percolators, this one is easy to use and clean. Therefore, you won’t use it once and then give it away out of frustration.

One of the things that I like about the Coleman Coffee Percolator is the clear glass knob at the top. This cool features lets you view the coffee brewing as it happens.

No more guessing whether the coffee is ready. When the coffee reaches the color you want, you’ll be able to see it.

Coleman Coffee Percolator


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