Car Camping… How to Live on $20 a Day

Woman Sitting in CarSome of us simply want to get out of town for the weekend or take a week-long summer vacation. However, once you know how cheap it is to take awesome vacations simply by using your car or SUV, it’s intriguing to see how we can save even more money.

Living on the Cheap

I think those of us who truly appreciate the benefits of car camping are cut from the same mold. We like saving money and living simply. We don’t like to waste time, money or energy – ¬†and we are very efficient in the way we use our gear and our space.

I have a friend who has traveled the world for several years, and has spent very little money doing it. After doing it for so long, these money-saving techniques come naturally to him – whereas for me and many others, it would be an ordeal. If only I could pick his brain.

But Now I Don’t Need to…

I discovered a $30 downloadable guide that shows exactly how to do it. Shoot, that costs less than half a tank of gas for me.

Anyway, even if you don’t want to spend your entire life living out of your car or van, if you do a significant amount of car camping you will probably like this downloadable guide. You don’t have to follow every idea to reap the money-saving rewards. In fact, one single idea can save you money over and over and over.

Is This Something that Could Really Work for You?

Live on $20 a Day BookThe concepts explained in this guide are not far-fetched. They are practical, and in many cases there are multiple solutions provided to common situations that you would have living out of your vehicle (ie bathing, cooking, using the bathroom).

But let’s say you want to live extravagantly on, let’s say $40 a day ;). Jason has got that covered.

He shares ways that you can make money while traveling. This is a brilliant ideas for those of us who want to live a non-traditional lifestyle on the road but haven’t won the lottery… yet.

This Book is Not for Everybody Though.

As I mentioned above, there is a certain group of people that this guide is designed for. If you enjoy living simply and appreciate the freedoms that this style of travel provides, I think you’ll dig this book.


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