Car Camping Guide

Car Camping for Everyone (Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners)

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Preparation is the secret to good camping!

You don’t want to get stuck being hungry, cold, unable to sleep, stumbling around your campsite at night, sick in the morning or eaten by a bear.

If you’re just getting into car camping, there’s a guide called Car Camping for Everyone that shows you how to plan and prepare for your vacation… so that you can actually relax on your trip. You don’t need to pack your car with everything you own, “just in case” – but you may be surprised at how much you can do with a few good essentials – and still fit yourself in the car.

There are lots of challenges when vacationing in remote outdoor locations – weather, insects, food and water, cooking, safety and for some – entertainment. Learn from Mary and Bill Burnham’s years of car camping experience, and you’ll be a pro before you ever take your first trip.

There are lots of places where you can find out what to bring on your trip. But almost as important is what not to bring. You don’t want to be overloaded with supplies and gear that it’s a chore to try and find something when you need it. You’ll find out how to avoid these mistakes in this book.

Plus, get expert advice on the type of gear you want, how to make your trip more comfortable, the best way to build a fire, menus and meals that make cooking fun and more. If you have pets or children that are joining you on this adventure, Mary and Bill share some good ideas.


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